In partnership with Brex, Nicklpass is front and center in one of the most famous places in the world. 

Nicklpass is in Times Square lighting up the heart of New York City! This week, Nicklpass launched a week-long out-of-home campaign in partnership with Brex — the #1 spend platform for strategic finance teams. 

Thanks to our partnership with Brex, we’re reaching millions of people in the busiest intersection in New York City and we’re increasing awareness of our mission to provide instant news access to teams using a single log-in. 

The animated billboard ad features Nicklpass co-founders Sumorwuo Zaza and Allison Paz — giving a face to our platform while emphasizing our commitment to providing teams with information that drives innovative solutions. 

Brex fuels our growth and we invite you to grow with us by signing up for a free Nicklpass trial today. 

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