Nicklpass: Premium news is just one click away

Nothing gets in the way of productivity more than a paywall.

This stopgap usually results in one of three responses. Either you spend 15 minutes trying to get around the paywall, you suck it up and pay for a subscription, or you leave the content behind and look for an alternative. Getting around paywalls has become increasingly complicated in recent years, requiring the use of a complicated workaround or an extension in your browser. Paying for subscriptions means juggling a new username and password and an extra expense per month. Leaving the content can feel like your time was wasted.

Our solution to the paywall problem? We call it a NICKLpass.

A NICKLpass is a digital passport – it provides readers with access to hundreds of news publications with just one click. Readers use the platform to increase their productivity and be more agile when it comes to research and decision-making in their field of expertise.

NICKLpass for publishers: What’s in it for you?

For enterprises and readers, the utility of a NICKLpass is easy to understand. It makes finding, reading, and consuming high-quality news easy. There are ample benefits for the publishers included, too.

By being included in the NICKLpass network, publishers will attract new, paying readers

Most netizens (citizens of the internet) want easy and seamless access to high quality news. That’s a fact. The issue is that most are turned off from accessing it because of the annoying restrictions. Paywalls, subscriptions, logins – for some, it’s enough of a reason to just click elsewhere.

Subscriptions to news provide these users with exactly what they want: high quality, trusted news. The problem lies in figuring out which ones to subscribe to.

For publishers, these subscriptions are the key to success. Unlike print news, where subscribers receive a physical item that costs money to physically print, let alone the costs of writing the articles, digital subscriptions only have to worry about fixed costs. Capturing these subscriptions reduces costs overall, helping them to build a consistent income month to month.

When enterprises sign their employees up for a NICKLpass, they are not forced to choose just one publication. With our Single Sign On (SSO) technology, readers need only use one login to access all of the included publishers. This increases overall viewership and readership of all publishers involved simply because, for readers, news is just one click away.

A way around the loss of third party cookies


A few years back, Google announced that it and other search engines would be doing away with third party cookies for good in the coming years. To put it in the simplest terms, publishers use third party cookies to track user behavior so that they can better target advertisements and sell the user products that are relevant and useful to them. Without them, marketers will have a harder time targeting advertisements to readers, decreasing the revenue possible for publishers to make from display adverts.

To get around this, we have another solution.

When organizations purchase a NICKLpass for their employees, they can see data about how their employees are engaging with the publishers they have access to. Because that data then exists in a closed circuit, publishers can use our unique insights to help fill the void that will come when third party cookies are completely discontinued.

With this information, we can better understand readers’ preferences, helping us to recommend content from other publishers that are included in their NICKLpass as well as publishers that they don’t have access to with similar content. 

With a focus on providing readers with high-quality, premium news and publishers with useful data, a NICKLpass is a win for all involved.

A way out of the digital ad market

A publication that relies on subscriptions over digital advertising is more sustainable.

As the death knell of third party cookies makes digital advertising more and more outdated, publications must turn elsewhere for revenue. Even before the death of third party cookies, the digital ad market was dominated by the digital monoliths, Facebook and Google. Rather than relying on their model for revenue, NICKLpass offers a different solution.

By partnering with publishers, we can make sure everyone is getting paid for producing quality content without having to rely on old, outdated methods of acquiring revenue. Instead, we lock-in enterprises to provide their employees with a NICKLpass, granting them access to the quality news they want, while making sure publishers get paid their fair share.

A NICKLpass makes accessing premium news easy for all

Typically, readers want a lot of things for one subscription. If they’re going to pay monthly for something, they want to feel like it is worth it. A NICKLpass does so much more than just provide access to news.

As mentioned before, we can use the preferences of our readers to suggest content to them that they are likely to be interested in. We can suggest content that they’ll have free access to with their NICKLpass, diversifying their news intake and building up publishers’ readership. Users won’t have to worry about the quality of the news they read. They won’t have to worry about forgetting all of their different usernames and passwords for all of the different news sites they access.

With a NICKLpass, access to high quality, premium news is just one click away.