Clickbait has wreaked havoc on the news and information industry. When we value the number of clicks something gets over the value of its content, we are perpetuating the incentive structure of shock value over quality journalism. NICKLpass is working to change this.

When it comes to creating incentives that promote quality and thoughtful content, there are two key elements: aligning interests and incentivizing the right behavior.

At NICKLpass, we believe in aligning the incentives of publishers and readers with our subscription-based platform. By offering readers a monthly subscription fee for access to high-quality content, publishers can rest assured that the content they create will be rewarded on its own merit, rather than those who are simply trying to amass likes and clicks.

The second element is incentivizing the right behavior. By rewarding thoughtful readers for their time spent reading, we further promote quality engagement with content. This rewards readers for taking the time to read and understand an article, rather than mindlessly scrolling through a feed.

The goal of NICKLpass is to create a new incentive structure that rewards quality thinking, writing, and engaging with content. We want to ensure publishers are rewarded for their thoughtful work and readers are encouraged to take the time to truly engage with content.

With NICKLpass, readers can have access to a plethora of quality content while publishers can feel secure in knowing they will be rewarded for their hard work. It’s the incentives, stupid. Join us as we revolutionize the incentive structure and restore our industry to its former greatness. Sign up now for NICKLpass!